Our marketing agency is the sharpest of “peppers”, each with their talents and skills, and together deliver great results promoting your business online.

We know from our experience how modern technology helps to open up new markets from anywhere on the planet and what details are important to consider, we are happy to help you with this.

The agency’s specialists have at various times moved abroad from Russia: to Greece (Athens), Turkey, and Egypt – and continue to travel actively. We have an excellent understanding of the particularities of different categories of business, both in Russia and in other countries with different mentalities.

We are very careful to look out for those doing business in Russia and the CIS from abroad: Europe, Australia, Asia, and America. We speak English, Greek, Turkish and Arabic.

The key values that guide our work on each project.


Everyone does what they’re good at and gives 100%.


Every job or product should be in line with the company’s level and the expectations of the target audience.


We’re always looking for new solutions for the benefit of the project and constantly learning new trends and technologies.


We are always honest and open to feedback, we respect the confidentiality of your information, and we value and save your time and money.


Ирина Минаева


Strategic pepper

Internet marketer and web analyst, in marketing and advertising since 2010.

During this time I have worked in strategic and tactical planning, worked with top clients in five of the top 20 advertising agencies in Russia (according to Adindex), and know how to apply my experience of developing strategies for small and medium-sized businesses for major Russian and foreign companies (Sberbank, Tinkoff Bank, AK Bars Bank, Gazpromneft, Ozon, Tchibo, Rusagro, Huawei, Castorama, Karcher, Ferrero, Storck, X5 retail group).

I grasp strategic business objectives on the fly, feel the pains and needs of the target audience, and am responsible for the profitability of the funds you have invested in promotion. And the overall performance of the agency.

Certified economist, graduated from Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics, and Informatics, specialization – statistics, monitoring of advertising business; postgraduate student of the Department of Statistics at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics; advanced training (Netology) in web analytics; Internet marketing course (Helppy); SEO-marketer course (SEO-academy), Project management for online education course (Borodina).


Aesthetic pepper

Web designer, content creator, in SMM since 2017.

I work on a social media account design and content creation.

I understand how to follow the brand’s style and can come up with a fresh idea within its framework.

Software programs I use: Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition, FL Studio and Aseprite.

I pay close attention to any details in my work and always keep the overall picture in my mind. 

As I used to work with different brands spanning from media to PC component producers in SMX marketing I have extensive experience in building a brand identity for social media accounts in various niches 

My major qualification is as a  restaurant and hospitality manager (Synergy University).

I attended a complete course and intensive training from WDI in web design, the MDA course in digital design, and FL Studio and Audition course.

фотография Юлия Добровольская


Meaningful pepper

Copywriter, content manager, in internet marketing since 2019.

Thanks to my diverse interests and 13 years of experience in various niches of online and offline commerce, tourism, and hospitality, I easily understand any area of business. I have the skill to dive deeply into a topic in a very short period of time.

My major is socio-cultural work. I came to copywriting on my heart’s desire and I study in detail all the nuances of it, including intensive courses on copywriting “”, on webinars on Instagram, and Internet marketing at eugeniuzz, margo_bylinina popartmarketing. I write all kinds of posts, content, and filling for the site.

Fluent in English.

I regularly attend advanced training courses in copywriting, to be on the crest of the wave and create content according to the latest trends and algorithms of social networks. The topic of content is limitless, and that’s what makes it interesting.


Social Pepper

I use targeted ads and organic tools which bloggers usually run for promoting your profile on social networks considering social media’s algorithms and limits.

As I have a lot of experience working with children, as a tour guide, and in the tourism industry, I understand different types of consumers and what they want.

My major specialization is a teacher of the hearing impaired (Russian State Pedagogical University named after A. I. Herzen, Department of Correctional Pedagogy), I attended courses in SMM, Targeted Advertising and Storytelling by Ekaterina Mikhailova, and at the SM Training Center.


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