фото реализации маркетинговой стратегии

A promotion strategy defines what will be done, why, and in what sequence. It always starts with setting a business goal and analyzing what is available right now. A marketing strategy is the main plan for promoting a company online and the answer to the “what to do” question.

A promotion strategy is a clear program or plan of marketing activities and measures to achieve the desired results on the Internet. The promotion of a company, a product, or a service is different, and each type has its own characteristics.

To start with, you need to set a goal. Determine why you want to promote your company, product, or service online and what you want to get out of it.

The aims of promotion can be:

  • raising brand or company awareness,
  • maintaining a firm’s reputation,
  • producing and launching a new product (good or service),
  • increasing the level of sales,
  • building a loyal audience and communicating with them.

The essence of any marketing strategy is business growth. Even if the objective of promotion now is to build brand loyalty or increase knowledge of the company among the target audience, indirectly it will still have an impact on sales.


“Chili” Digital Marketing Agency will develop an effective promotion plan for your business. To do this, we will audit the indicators: target audience, competitor activity, the current state of your resources (website and groups in social networks). Then we will agree with the strategy of marketing activities with you, form the final list of channels/tools and intensity of promotion according to your budget, and put the work plan into practice.

The content of the marketing strategy and its realization channels

Segmentation and analysis of the company’s or product’s target audienceа

Analysis of competitor activity and promotion tactics

Planning the budget for implementing the marketing strategy

Selection of a functional mix of marketing promotion tools

Such tools may include website creation, optimization, and promotion; content marketing, including SMM and email marketing; targeting, native, contextual, and banner advertising.

In addition, we will carry out for you:

  • analysis of competitors’ business models,
  • comparison of pricing policies on the market and niche identification,
  • studying the content on the subject to recommend articles for the blog or social networking posts,
  • monitoring the mailing lists of key players in the market to determine their policies and to set them apart from the competition,
  • surveying the target audience to determine their needs in your business area.

The cost of additional market research is determined individually.


The cost of analyzing competitors and writing a promotion strategy depends on the number of social networks, the size of the market, the number of direct and indirect competitors, and the depth of work. The exact amount is determined at the first consultation, during which the aims and objectives of the promotion, the target audience, and the stage of business development are discussed.

As a result, you will receive an effective marketing strategy and a step-by-step plan for its implementation. The work plan with detailed steps will be made 1-2 months in advance, the forecast of reporting indicators and forecast of business growth – for 3 months.



Competitors’ social media activity and websites analysis (a necessary step for writing a strategy)

From 150 euros

Development of an online promotion strategy with a 3-month forecast

From 150 euros


Order the package “preparation of business and its promotion to launch” for 300 euro instead of 350 euro and get logo design service for free!

The package includes:

  • competitors’ social media and websites analysis,
  • audit of your current resources (website, social media),
  • promotion strategy,
  • formation of the corporate identity and design of resources.

Fill in the application form and get an initial quick analysis of your resources for free..


When forming a comprehensive marketing strategy, we adhere to the principles:

With a limited budget, it is more effective to take small steps all the time than to try to get to the top of a skyscraper in one leap

Honestly assess the market situation, analyze the data, and build a strategy based on those tools that are really necessary to promote your business.

We thoroughly approach all calculations and analyses and calculate the effectiveness of each step.

A comprehensive approach.
We choose marketing tools and channels that reinforce each other.

We recommend optimum tools and if necessary, suggest budget cuts with minimal damage to efficiency.

We will research the market and develop a strategy within 15 working days. We will present the results of the work in the form of a presentation with clear graphs and concrete figures.


Promotion without purpose and direction is meaningless. For a company to achieve the desired results online, whether it is increasing sales or raising brand awareness, you need to start with strategic marketing. 

Marketing strategy plays a crucial role in the success of a company. With a clear plan in place, the cost of promotion will be equal to necessary and sufficient, as you will act strictly according to the plan, rather than testing new and different ways and models of online behavior. 

Building a strategy is based on market research:

  • research of the market situation and development prospects,
  • assessment of competitor activity,
  • segmentation and analysis of the target audience,
  • selection of suitable communication channels and relevant tools.

On the basis of the set goal and marketing research – market and competitor analysis, analysis of the target audience of your business – we proceed to the elaboration of the general plan of development and promotion of the project.

In the marketing strategy, we specify the key business objective of the company. Activities of the organization, its objectives, and channels to achieve them must lead to the realization of this objective. 

Specialists of our agency use modern digital and PR tools to develop and implement effective promotion tactics. We have been researching ways of business development for more than 8 years. We know everything about positioning businesses, goods, and services on the internet.


иконка создание маркетинговой стратегии

Create a marketing strategy for bringing a large organization or small business online, launching a start-up (a company entering the market with a fundamentally new idea, product, or service), or expanding the business. 

иконка функциональная маркетинговая стратегия

Upon request, we define product and marketing strategy with a suggestion of a pricing policy and discount system for an offline or online shop, manufacturing plant, info-business, or service company

иконка стратегии маркетингового планирования

We deal with the development of anti-crisis, sales, pricing, and pricing strategies for businesses.

иконка анализ рынка маркетинговой стратегии

Depending on the request we develop a basic marketing strategy or a concentrated (target) marketing strategy for a narrow market segment. 

иконка интернет маркетинговая стратегия

If you already have a developed plan of promotion, but it is not working, we will audit and improve it, making it a working tool for promoting your project on the Internet.

иконка маркетинговые стратегии брендов

We will analyze your company’s performance and, if necessary, make changes to your current development plan. We will test various concepts and choose and implement the most effective and working one that will bring the growth of the required indicators.

иконка продуктово маркетинговая стратегия

If you are satisfied with your strategy and need to implement it, we will take the ready-made materials as a basis and supplement them with our recommendations, free of charge. 

иконка показатели маркетинговой стратегии

We will offer you the most effective in terms of results and the most cost-effective ways to promote your business on the Internet. We are aware of innovative marketing strategies on the market, so we will promote your company with the help of current and modern tools. We study and use in our work the experience of successful international companies in strategic planning.


Разработка анализа конкурентов и маркетинговой стратегии для Бутика свадебных и вечерних платьев в Сиднее

иконка цель кейса


Develop an online promotion plan

иконка что было сделано


  1. Competitor analysis (websites and social media groups),
  2. website audit,
  3. promotion strategy
иконка результат кейса


A step-by-step plan for promoting the website and social media groups has been developed

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