Web analytics is the collection, measurement, and analysis of data from a website, identifying its weaknesses and strengths. It helps to understand which pages and elements of the site need to be changed to improve its effectiveness, which traffic channels need to be strengthened, and which need to be turned off.

Why do you need it?
The main result of web analytics is a specialist’s recommendations on how and what to improve the site. You receive a report with numbers, an explanation of what they mean, and suggestions of what to do to make it better. Knowing what visitors are missing from your site, you can add it. For example, product descriptions or specific items.

When there is an opportunity to measure, there is an opportunity to improve. Web analytics measures traffic, sales, and user behavior on the site.

Attendance analysis.
Who comes to your site, from what devices, from what countries and cities. A portrait of those who are interested in your product or service.

Analysis of user behavior.
Analysis of which sections are visited more often, which buttons are clicked on, at what moment, and from what pages they call or write in a chat.

Sales analysis.
Analysis of which products in your online shop are popular, what is the average purchase receipt for each audience segment, and how long it takes to make a purchase decision.


The cost of web analytics services is based on several factors:

  • How in-depth analytics is needed.
  • Setting up analytical tools, widgets and keeping them up to date.
  • Is end-to-end web analytics needed? On which platform? Doing it yourself on Google or Yandex or using your CRM system if available.
  • Do you only need to set up or do you need regular analysis of the results and recommendations for site optimization?

The more complex the site, the more global the objectives, the more detailed you need to set up an analytics system. The difficulty is getting the real data, knowing how to decipher the figures, and draw the right conclusions. Site traffic figures, analysis of advertising campaigns, identifying patterns – it takes a lot of time and complicates the rest of the process. How much is lost time and lost profits worth? That’s the value of web analytics to your firm or non-profit organization.

Setting up basic analytics systems is included in the cost of building a new website or optimizing an existing one.

Regular analysis of metrics and recommendations for site improvement is included in the cost of SEO website promotion.

Setting up an end-to-end analytics system is an individual service, which is calculated individually for you, taking into account the characteristics of your website, business, objectives, and stage of development of your company.

We recommend auditing your website and analysis of competitor websites as an essential part of your promotional strategy, with the price starting from 150 euros.

You can also order an audit of already configured analytics systems, the cost starts from 75 euros.

Web-analytics service is included in the package on SEO for a site and SMM for social networks. You will get an analysis of the indicators of the site and social networks. You can order the analysis as a separate service, an audit. We use Yandex.Metrika, Google.analytics, serpstat, and LiveDune.


Correction of settings.
Even when everything is set up correctly, you need to monitor changes in the analytics systems (they are regularly updated) to compare the data with previous periods and monitor the growth of indicators. We are also approached with configuration errors: often the counter is not inserted in the optimal place in the website code, goals and e-commerce are incorrectly configured.

Efficiency evaluation.
Experienced analysts of the agency of Internet marketing “Chili” will see in the data of metrics and analytics which promotion channels bring how much, estimate the effectiveness of promotion strategy, and use instruments. Professional setup of web analytics can reduce advertising costs and improve business performance.

Audit of the analytics systems already set up will show:

  • whether the information is collected correctly,
  • whether it can be trusted,
  • where to find the most profitable customers,
  • what problems exist on the site,
  • how to fix them.


Where your competitor’s customers come from.
One important block of analysis is assessing the traffic channels on competitors’ websites. The total number of visitors will reveal your business growth opportunities. The distribution by channel tells you the competitor’s strategy, which you can apply to yourself. Alternatively, select those channels with few competitors to maximize your audience’s attention.

Seasonal changes in the market.
Another web analytics opportunity for businesses is to understand seasonal variations inactivity, such as how many times a competitor’s brands have been searched for each month over the last 2 years. If the dynamics are the same for all market players, you can be sure it will be relevant for your business as well.

We use several tools to analyze competitor website traffic:

Serpstat to estimate traffic from search engines and contextual advertising.

Alexa to estimate the total site traffic and its distribution according to sources.

Yandex wordstat and Google to estimate seasonality of branded and general category queries in search engines.


To promote your website, it is important to understand how users behave.

Web analytics data provides practical insight into whether each page of your site is working effectively, whether targeted customers are coming to it, whether they understand everything, and what distracts them from making a purchase.

Detailed analysis of the behavior of different audience segments will enable you to identify the most effective sources of traffic, the most profitable advertisements and external sites, and profitable social networks. You will also be able to focus on attracting the most profitable audience: specific cities or a limited age group.

With web analytics tools you get the real picture, which helps you choose the best advertising platforms and promotion channels, improve the site’s performance and attract targeted traffic.


Website analytics is divided into comprehensive and end-to-end analytics.

Comprehensive analytics involves generalized information about the website and detailed data by page. The focus is on the site and its structure, the behavior of users in general, and their specific segments. Comprehensive analytics is included in the cost of launching or maintaining your website.

End-to-end web analytics tracks the entire customer journey on your company’s website, from a click on an advertisement in Yandex to the targeted action in the form of a purchase or an order on your website. It shows the most effective touchpoints with the customer and the tools to influence them and helps you identify tactics and ads, advertising platforms, and channels.

End-to-end analytics focuses on specific visitors to your site, tracking their entire journey: how they found out about you before their first visit, what they did on the site when they came back.

This is an advanced type of analytics that is set up within your CRM system or third-party services. The detailed design and final cost are determined depending on your objectives and website.

With web analytics you will get for your business:

  • a description of the current website audience,
  • the portrait of the most profitable customers,
  • the effectiveness of all promotion channels and traffic sources,
  • recommendations for redistributing the advertising budget,
  • recommendations for optimizing the usability and content of the site for the needs of your target audience.

Analytics will not give you ready-made solutions to increase sales but will suggest hypotheses to test. Proper application of even a small proportion of the recommendations can increase sales several times over.


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Getting the business online

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  1. Connecting Yandex Metrics, Google Analytics
  2. setting up e-commerce and e-targeting
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Monthly reports on traffic sources, website audience, behavioural indicators, product popularity and sales results


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