Complexity is more effective.
In order to create synergies, different promotion channels need to be used together. In digital marketing, 1+1=3, and sometimes even more. The integrated approach provides gentle customer guidance through the sales funnel and constant contact with customers at every stage of the buying path. Conversion into a first or returned purchase increases many times over with integrated marketing.

Individual approach.
Which promotion methods to choose in your case depends on the activity of your competitors (to be clarified during the analysis of competitors), your tasks, and the specifics of your business, as well as your target audience. Do you want to do everything at once, but the budget is limited? Write to us, we will help you choose the most important and effective instruments.

Promotion strategy.
This is a basic plan that helps you understand what to do and when to do it. Within the strategy, you will find out how your competitors act, what is important to your target audience, which tools will help with overall promotion, how much it will cost, and when you will get your first results. In promotion strategy, we determine the final set of channels and tools the business needs at the current stage of development.

As a result, you can choose whether to implement the strategy on your own by a step-by-step plan, or delegate a part of tasks to us, or order a comprehensive promotion “ready-made”.

Marketing tools.
We use digital marketing tools such as web analytics, SMM, SMO, SEM including SEO, contextual advertising, and targeting (targeted advertising in social networks) to promote your business. As a part of the comprehensive promotion, we will manage brand reputation using SERM.

> Instagram

> Facebook

> Vkontakte

> YouTube

> Triggered newsletters

> Theme-based emails

> Social media messages

> Messengers

> SEO of a new website

> SEO audit

> SEO strategy

> Semantic Core

иконка создание сайтов под ключ


> E-shop

> Portfolio

> Corporate site

> Landing page

иконка таргетинг объявления


> Contextual advertising

> Social media targeting

> Newsletters

> Profitability audit

> Copywriting

> SEO Copywriting

> Rewriting

> Editing

иконка интернет дизайн агентство


> Web Design

> Email newsletter design

> Design of brand identity

> Social media design

> Competitors analysis

> End-to-end analytics

> Semantic core

> Audit


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