What an online marketing agency does


An entrepreneur at the start of a startup usually does a lot on his own: he studies the market and competitors himself, looks at the audience himself and adjusts the product range to it, writes the business plan and promotion strategy himself.

Some lucky people have this kind of thing in their blood: they simply have a flair for markets and can launch startups in packs, and they will all shoot out.

There are industrious businessmen who complete various courses, read useful books or even get the right education: management, marketing, tourism, or sports management.

Most entrepreneurs are specialists in their field but are not marketers or professional managers. There are marketing agencies just for them. 

What they do:

– research consumer demand and competitors,

– study the target audience and find a niche in the market that the new company can occupy,

– think about the product range and pricing policy,

– miscalculate a discount system or loyalty program for regular customers,

– define goals and objectives for the current and future development of the company,

– develop a system for promotion and business expansion in the medium and long term.

Offline shops and companies can be promoted both online and offline (outdoor advertising, leaflets, TV and radio, press).

Online businesses must first be promoted using digital tools, on the internet. There are specialized digital agencies for this purpose. They do the same research, strategic and tactical planning, and implement a promotion plan, only on the internet.

What it is, and what it means for business:

– A calculated business plan with revenue and profit forecasts;

– calculated risks from competitor activity;

– a set of tools that are effective for the objectives set;

– a clear calendar of activities and promotion plan;

– marker indicators against which results can be assessed;

– reporting with a set regularity within which it is convenient to monitor the dynamics of the indicators;

– complete turnkey management of all marketing and promotional activities with the degree of control that is comfortable for the entrepreneur.

How it works:

  1. The business owner fills in the brief and gives the necessary information for analysis.
  2. The marketing agency analyses the current resources and competitors on the internet.
  3. Depending on the goals of the business, a growth and promotion strategy is drawn up.
  4. Together with the owner adjusts the list of tools, speed, and intensity of promotion taking into account the allocated budget.
  5. The final list of works and deadlines is fixed, responsible for each step is determined.
  6. We start work and regularly check the results in monthly reports.

The difference between a full-service marketing agency and others is that we are not limited to a plan and placement of materials. We prepare all the texts and illustrations ourselves, layout the website and letters for mailing lists, count the effectiveness and report on the results. You can entrust us with all the stages of turnkey promotion, and we will do everything to a high standard.

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