The content revolution or what content leads to sales


Will content marketing change in 2021, which tools are relevant and which no longer “work”? Internet users consume gigabytes of content every day. Let’s find out how to differentiate yourself from your competitors, launch an effective advertising campaign and increase online sales.

Omnichannel and creating a brand ecosystem. Be virtually everywhere – users need to see you from a variety of sources connected in a single system.


Usefulness and consciousness are the main demands of the audience. Try many content hypotheses, measure results, and scale working options. Content should be useful, and the owner should constantly analyze the audience’s response to such content. Online education, tips and tricks, and lifestyle.

In addition, it is necessary to maneuver between relevance and pertinence. Prompt responses to trends and world events resonate with the audience, but if they are incidents with negative connotations, be careful and try to keep a neutral tone and pitch.

The demand for personal branding and personalized content continues. Users have become more loyal to advertising, product placement, and integrations. But the pitch needs to be as native and organic as possible, and the advertising content engaging. Bloggers can be called an in-demand platform for brand promotion.

Video! This is the kind of content that audiences are more receptive to, and that they are looking for. This group also includes stories, which have replaced the traditional Instagram feed with a portion of the audience. You need to develop related social networks, ensure your brand’s presence in them – Youtube, TikTok. But when choosing channels to engage with your target audience, don’t forget their characteristics and preferences.

Another trend is the entry of large companies into social media and the development of the B2B sphere. More and more “serious” companies are not just registering on Instagram, for example, to “be like everyone else”, but also regularly publishing content, allocating time and budget to social media.

Automation and going online.

The year 2020 has brought everything and everyone online – and that is no overstatement. The trend in this vein is the automation of business processes. 70% of all users go online from mobile devices (30% from smartphones only), and this number is growing every year. Companies need to take this into account by investing in the usability of websites and adapting them to mobile devices.

Customer shortcuts. Buyers don’t want to spend time exploring a website or an online page, so the customer journey from information to purchase needs to be shortened. This can be done, for example, with a landing page or other one-page website. And finally, forget about “writing the price directly” and request a price list on the website.

Edtech as part of the content. Online education is at the peak of popularity, and it has every chance of becoming a sought-after part of your company’s content marketing. Educate on what you know how to do and what makes sense to include in your brand’s content strategy.

Changing audiences.

How has the consumer changed? Users expect openness and sincerity as opposed to strict expertise. Checking data and results, fact-checking is commonplace. In addition to the product, users are interested in the brand philosophy – sustainability, philanthropy, conscious consumption. Find out what positively resonates with your target audience and focus on those values – “promote” them online (both through content and any interaction channels). The image of the company shown on the networks has never been more important to the audience. If your cosmetics are good, but not recyclable and not up to ECO standards, the audience for whom this is important is automatically excluded from your target audience.

The most important trend, which is worth noting separately, is flexibility. Analytics is at the heart of any business, and especially one that has gone online. Analyze your target audience and their needs, and based on that, choose social media for presence and promotion. And continue to monitor the results of the advertising campaign, each post, or new training video regularly. And be ready to change and change your strategy.

And we’ll help you do it!

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