SEO Trends in 2022

The Internet sector, like everything else in the world, is constantly changing, especially in the twenty-first century, the era of service and consumer satisfaction.

Google and Yandex are raising the quality bar for Internet resources to highlight the favourites among hundreds of billions and show the best product to the user.

What has changed in SEO in the last few years? 

– A voice search appeared.

– Websites with the most different backlines rank highest by search engines.

– Links. The days when you could buy a thousand links for 500 rubles and then forget about them are long gone. Nowadays robots ensure your link is located on the site that matches your theme, otherwise, there will be a loss of trust and fast deterioration.

– Low-frequency requests. All efforts to obtain the top position on the search query ‘carpet’ are useless. The request ‘buy a carpet in Volgograd, Titova street’ will cover all SEO costs.

It looks like everything is under control, that we have reached our maximum and there is no way to grow. However, progress is unstoppable.

SEO trends in 2022

1. Texts are for people. Artificial intelligence now also understands texts, so it expects texts to be written in a simple manner that users can understand. And of course, the content has to capture users’ interest.

2. Texts should be extensive and written by experts in a particular field. It would be great if you list all of the expert’s titles on your website — it will pay off.

3. Links are now only quoted in the form of articles on credible resources, and it is preferable if the articles are written by experts in a particular field.

4. SEO promotion is a never-ending process. You can’t ‘improve’ a site in a week — it’ll fall anyway. It is necessary to develop the website systematically, qualitatively and in one direction. Outdated information has to be updated regularly.

5. There are also design claims: the site should load quickly and be visually light. The voluminous text should be placed invisible, but obvious to the user, as the speed they find an answer is evaluated. 

​​6. Say ‘Yes’ to content visualization! Banners, photos, infographics, pictures, graphics and, of course, videos. Overall, video and particularly YouTube are already operating as a search channel, and will soon come out on a par with search enquiries.

7. Yandex Zen and Google Discover — are new trends that should be developed right now.

It looks like the leaders are unattainable, however, based on rough estimates only 5% among millions of sites have ever been promoted by SEO-specialists. 

This means that, regardless of how the industry develops, it is still in its early stages, indicating that the time to start profiting from it has come.

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