Market research is carried out as part of the creation of a promotion strategy to know better the situation in the desired market segment. This is done by analyzing your competitors, your target audience, and their needs. And based on the results, a plan is drawn up for what to do and how to do it.


A selection of market research studies are available for your business as part of comprehensive packages or separately.

We analyze:

  • market,
  • competitors,
  • target audience, including surveys of existing clients of the company and representatives of the target audience (image of an ideal client),
  • usability and user experience (UX) of the official website of the company.

How we research. 
We use quantitative and qualitative methods to analyze your resources, competitive environment, target audience, and current customers. Through survey and metrics analysis, we look for connections between business opportunities and prospects, and consumer needs and market development levels.

We work with you to develop a portrait of your ideal customer and business sector niche.

Basic research (included in the cost of the promotion strategy):

  • audit of competitors’ websites and social media groups,
  • analysis of online content about your industry,
  • research on the pains and needs of your audience.

Additional research:

  • SWOT analysis of the company in the market – from 100 euros,
  • audit of competitors’ pricing policy and discounts – from 200 euros,
  • creating unique selling proposition of closest competitors – from 150 euros,
  • forecasting of the market capacity and business growth potential – from 100 euros,
  • quantitative analysis (written survey) of the target audience and current clients – from 100 euros,
  • qualitative analysis (interviews) of the target audience and current clients – from 300 euros,
  • qualitative analysis (guided buying) of the behavior of the target audience and current clients on your website – from 300 euros.

What will result? 
You can find out who needs the product, who else makes similar products or provides similar services, what the market lacks in what you have to offer, and what is already in excess. And based on all this information, the “Chili” Digital Marketing Agency will create a tailor-made online marketing strategy for you.

We work with companies located in Russia, CIS countries, Europe, the USA, and all over the world. Order marketing research separately as a first step towards the growth of your business or as an integrated package


“Hippychick” children's clothing shop (wholesale and retail, including its own online shop), Russia

иконка цель кейса


Maintaining and promoting an online shop

иконка что было сделано


  1. Social media maintenance and promotion
  2. email marketing
  3. SEO
  4. web analytics
  5. determination of pricing and discount policy
  6. communication with clients
  7. Target audience research and interviews with loyal customers
иконка результат кейса


  1. sales management with an average sales turnover of RUB 2.5 million per month
  2. increase in repeat purchases from 13% to 43%
  3. instagram – growth from 1,500 to 20,000 followers (in 6 months)

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