The most user-friendly and beautiful website with interesting content is useless if it is not seen by potential customers. For a website to sell a product or bring in customers, it must appear at the top of search engines.

What is TOP 10?

When a user enters a search query into the search box of Yandex, Google, or other systems, he will get a selection of sites that answer that query. Statistically, 95% of users pay attention to the first 10 sites – TOP-10, which make up the first page of search results. If a site is further than the first page of the search engine, it is unlikely that users will see it.


Users are more likely to visit websites that appear at the top of the first page of search results. One way to get a website to the top is through SEO optimization. By setting up a website, an SEO specialist lifts it in the results for specific queries.

SEO is search engine optimization, that is, the promotion of a website to the top positions in SERPs for specific keywords. It is an effective internet marketing tool to improve the visibility of a website.


SEO optimization can be external or internal.

Internal SEO means filling the website with high-quality, relevant, and expert content, and SEO-optimised texts. The website should not contain technical mistakes, and every page should contain the right search queries (not only in the texts themselves but also in the titles, which Google or Yandex show to the users).

For the best result, it is important to have both the quality of content on the site, and the convenience of the resource. The information offered to users must be relevant, unique, and useful. In this case, users will not just come back to your resource, but it also raises the site in the extradition results. Search engines take into account not only the SEO-optimised content on a website, but also the behavioral reactions of the user: how much time he spent on the site, whether he clicked on different pages, whether he found what he was looking for, and, if so, how quickly. The site should be user-friendly in terms of usability.

External SEO optimization is about building up link weights or getting backlinks to your website from other resources on the Internet. It is not only the direct clickable links to your website that are important but also the overall mention of the website and brand.


The cost of the service is calculated specifically for each situation and depends on the initial data: whether there is already a site or it needs to be created, whether the list of keywords is ready, how much information on the subject you provide, etc.


The price for the package website promotion in the search engines Yandex and Google is in the table below, packages can be increased and decreased depending on the objectives and the number of pages on the site.

The average period for the promotion of the site to reach the top 10 in search results is from 3 to 9 months depending on the niche and the activity of competitors. According to our experience, there will be first results after the first month of promotion.

Examples of the scope of work that can be included in an SEO optimisation and promotion package.


Collecting the list of keywords,

Fixing technical errors,

5 website pages (text with keywords),

20 external backlinks,

Monthly report on the promotion and top positions


euros / month


Collecting the list of keywords,

Fixing technical errors,

20 website pages (text with keywords),

40 external backlinks,

Monthly report on the promotion and top positions

1 200

euros / month


Collecting the list of keywords,

Fixing technical errors,

50 website pages (text with keywords),

40 external backlinks,

Monthly report on the promotion and top positions

3 000

euros / month

There are package offers available for launching a new website with SEO optimization. You can also save money by adding social media, email marketing, or contextual advertising to SEO promotion.

Difficult to understand? Ask us, we’ll advise you and help you choose the essential.


SEO optimization of texts includes:

  • Creation of a semantic core (a list of keywords on the theme of the site),
  • Writing unique, useful, and expert texts using keywords from the semantic core.

The main difficulty in writing such texts is to keep them useful and easy to read. Therefore, before publication, each text is checked not only for literacy but also for indicators of text quality: ease of reading, overloading with keywords in general, and each word in particular.


3 specialists in our team do SEO adjustments and website optimization. One compiles the semantic kernel and analyses the competition for the keywords, the other writes SEO texts, and the third checks the top positions and sets up external links. This is meticulous and coordinated work, the result of which will be the promotion of the site in the top positions of search results and an increase in traffic to your web resource.

There are many nuances to SEO optimization. Search engines can penalize a website for setting up mistakes and breaking the rules. Sanctions come in various degrees of severity. For example, a site (domain) that has been banned will be removed from search engines. Trust the promotion of the site to people and companies who specialize in it.

SEO optimization and SEO promotion are closely related to each other. But still, let’s understand what they are and what the difference is.  The work of an SEO specialist always begins with optimization; search for keywords, writing SEO texts, correcting technical errors, and improving the usability of the site.

When the site is optimized, you can start SEO promotion, that is, increase the ranking of the site in search engines. We increase the mentioning of the site on third-party resources, place external links, create new pages on the site for additional search queries (eg. blog posts). SEO promotion can also be enhanced by contextual advertising.


Contact our SEO specialist or ask for an estimation of the cost of SEO optimization and website promotion for your project in any way you prefer:

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