Copywriting is commonly referred to as bespoke text writing. Content is texts, photos, videos, drawings, tables, designs, and everything else that fills a website, blog, or personal page on social media. «Chili» copywriting and text rewriting agency will produce high-quality content for the successful promotion of your business on the internet.

«Chili» Digital Marketing Agency provides copywriting and rewriting services for various categories of business.

The wordsmiths of our agency will competently and quickly write texts that solve your business problems:
SEO-texts for the site. SEO-optimisation is a way to get your website to the top of Yandex and Google search engines;
informative articles for your blog;
sales text for your advert;
an email chain;
engaging, informative, and sales content for social networks;
rewriting ready-made articles (yours or ours) for placement on various networking sites.


Writing services for freelance clients are usually priced at 100 words. The average market rates for high-quality copywriting and freelance copywriting are around 10 euros per 100 words. The price of the service of copywriting or rewriting depends not only on the number of words but also on the objectives, complexity of the topic, and the availability of materials on the subject from you.

For you.
The cost of creating texts is included in the price of the service Comprehensive internet promotion. To order separately service copywriting or quality rewriting, leave your request. We write texts in Russian, English, and Greek.

Approximate cost of different types of text:

  • post for social networks (2000 characters with spaces, 300 words) – from 30 euros,

  • new website page or article for the blog (2000-4000 characters with spaces, 300-700 words) – from 50 euros,

  • filling emails for mailing (1500-3500 characters with spaces, 250-550 words) – from 50 euros,

  • short text description for posting external links to the site in forums and directories (200-1000 characters with spaces, 30-150 words) – from 10 euros.

Need text? Informative, selling, engaging, and creative.



Price per 100 words

Copywriting in Russian

from 5 euros

Copyright in English/Greek

from 10 euros.

Rerate in Russian

from 3 euros

Copywriting in English/Greek

from 7 euros

The copywriters at our online studio have years of experience in copywriting and rewriting and write for online schools, e-commerce, offline shops, service companies, and individual entrepreneurs.

We create texts remotely (working online) for companies located in Russia, Europe, the USA, and other countries.

Competently and uniquely.
The quality text must be literate, unique (not plagiarized), and easy to read. For SEO it is also the important frequency of occurrence of keywords. To assess the finished text on the readability, info style, literacy (grammar, spelling, punctuation), and other parameters we use the best services.

Text in Russian text check via Text, Advego, Gramota, and Glavred.

English text test through grammarly, siteliner, wordcounter, hemingway app and textroyal.

We do it professionally.
Copywriting for the Internet is not just about writing texts. To write an effective working text, we:

Clarifying the objective. Does the content have to “sell” a product or service? Or is it to develop a personal brand and get to know the author by writing a life story?

Research the subject matter using expert material or open-source articles.

Look for the “pain” – the actual need of the audience to understand what they want.

Try to convey complex things to the audience in simple and understandable language.


The goal of most content for websites and social networks is to sell a brand, a company, a personality (proof of expertise), a product, or a service. Sales copywriting differs depending on the objective and the site, but the essence of the content is the same: the sales text stimulates the audience to take an active action (buy, go to the site, register, fill in an application form).


The primary meaning of the word “copywriting” is copyright. Now it is more often used in the sense of “text on request”. Copywriting is a unique content, which is written by the person himself after having studied several sources, he makes conclusions and states his point of view about the situation.

A rewrite is a paraphrase of an article, a post, or a publication. Search engines tend to show readers unique materials, so duplicate content is often not visible in search results. Rewriting comes in handy when you need to post one article on different networking platforms, e.g., on the site and in social networks. After republishing, the text on the site and in groups in social networks is considered unique by search robots.

Simplified:copywriting is an essay, rewriting is an exposition.


Golden Screen (retail B2C services in the Czech Republic: immigration, business, construction, real estate)

иконка цель кейса


Filling the blog with SEO articles

иконка что было сделано


  1. The semantic core has been compiled
  2. SEO-article is written using keywords

Rewriting texts for a blog on the website of psychologist Elena Minaeva (B2C: private psychologist in Moscow)

иконка цель кейса


Starting a business from scratch

иконка что было сделано


  1. launching and promoting a Facebook group,
  2. editing,
  3. correction and rewriting of texts for websites and social networks
иконка результат кейса


  1. subscribers – 1,000 in 2 months
  2. average involvement 20% of reach
  3. active loyal audience
фото елена минаева

Elena Minaeva


We have been working with the agency since 2017. I would like to note the clarity of the placement of posts, the development of the promotion strategy, and the plan of posts. The beautiful design of each post in a single style suits me and agrees with the style of the website. Help in selecting quotes and pictures. Responsiveness and advice on all promotional issues that came up during this time. Editorial service – good proofreading of texts. I would also like to mention the agency’s involvement in my business, support, and care for the success and prosperity of the business. The agency has become a reliable partner and, in fact, a consultant and employee of the business.


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